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Prof. Dr. K. Suha AYDIN
Mersin Üniversitesi Rektörü


Ülkesine ve milletine adadığı
56 yıllık ömrünün son duraklarından biriydi Mersin.
20 Mayıs 1938’de Mersin’e doğru yola çıktığında amacı Adana’ya sınıra kadar uzanmak ve batı medyasına karşı Hatay sorunu karşısındaki kararlılığını göstermekti. Yola çıkmadan iki gün önce Celal Bayar’a şunları söylemişti: “Benim, kırk asırlık Türk yurdu, Hatay esir kalamaz dediğimi unutmuş olanlar olabilir. Ama ben unutmadım, unutamam,
sen de unutamazsın”.

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JANA's Article.....


Turkey in My Eyes

I never wanted to spend my time with Erasmus program in Turkey. When they told me, it is my only option I was disappointed. But a minute later I said to myself: “OK. I'll take it. I want to study there! Why not?!” I have been here for more than 2 months now and have never regretted my choice to come. Surely, I already had a few crises but these in general are just helping me to be more patient, tolerant, stronger.

Life in Turkey (especially in the south-east part) is really different comparing to the way of living in my home country. I was lucky to spend a few months in a Mediterranean area in Europe so my cultural shock was smaller. Still, I have problems to stay patient while waiting in the queue in a bank, a post office and at other places where it takes really long time (it seems like hours for me) to get what you need. Sometimes, I want to give a hand to the personal even though I have no idea how; but at that moment I just think I would be definitely quicker. People here are not in a hurry but what surprises me (comparing to Spain or Portugal) they are really disciplined and strict in obeying all the rules.(except traffic!) Well, it is of course right thing to do but everybody knows that some rules are made to be broken!

On the other hand, I appreciate their ability to have fun without any alcohol. When I was at a football match in Adana, I was shocked. Everybody was loud, vividly supporting their team but nobody was drinking beer (one of my best sport experiences ever). Once as we were on a party and all alcohol was gone, I and my friend Lukaš thought the party is over and we should go. But that was just the beginning! We stayed 3 hours longer and had a good time even without it. In Slovakia, this would be impossible. Since I am here, I have realized why in my country we say to somebody who smokes too much that he or she is smoking like a Turk.

And I cannot forget to mention the Turkish hospitality. It is truly something unbelievable! In Europe, when you need a help you have to ask for it. Here, they help you even if you don’t want. :)
There are many things I like about Turkey but also some I cannot get used to. But ideal things are boring.

LUKAS's Article.....


Daily newspapers in Slovakia

Like in every country in the world, in my homeland there are also some popular daily papers that people buy every morning to be informed about previous day´s news. First of all there is need to say, that newspaper, but also generally media market in Slovakia is very little. It is caused by its low population of only 5,4 million (13 times lower than Turkey) and also the post communism effect. To explain it, after finnishing the Russian occupation of Slovakia in 1989, our media market started competely from very beginning. Until that year, all the media had to follow communism ideas and there really wasn´t  freedom of expression. Now, after 20 years of liberty, many papers had arised and disappeared, but there still isn´t such a plurality like in „old democracies“.
Let´s have a look at the spectrum of Slovak daily news. My country has currently 7 all-national daily newspapers. Among them we can find 2 tabloids, 2 serious papers and three of them are specialized – economical, sports and hungarian language daily paper. Long-term statistics show the absolute dominance of Novy cas (New time), the tabloid with cca 150 000* readers. The main topic of its articles is showbusiness and they daily try to shock their readers with main headline. It is also the cheapest daily paper in Slovakia with a lot of advertisements in it, so to read it over often takes less than half an hour. The quality of articles is poor, but still enough for people who don´t want to spend much time by reading and always want to have fresh news.

There is a battle for the second place between Sme (We are) with 56 000 readers and Plus jeden den (Plus one day) with almost the same number of fans. The first one represents the right wing and is probably the best daily paper when speaking about quality, another one is tabloid, similar to Novy cas, but sometimes even with more stupid topics and articles. They are being followed by Pravda (The truth) with 50 000 readers. This paper changed its size some half a year ago and went to a half format. Although it presents itself  as being in a middle of the political spectrum, after above mentioned change many people recognized it is slowly becoming a kind of tabloid.

These are the most important newspapers in Slovakia. Now let´s tell something about specialized ones. Only sport daily called Šport (Sport) is intended to sport fans, with daily supplement for backers. Hospodárske noviny (Economical news), as its name says, helps the reader to orientate in the business world and Új szó (New word) is a serious newspaper for 10% Hungarian minority spread in the southern part of Slovakia.
To make a summary, the tradition of reading newspapers in Slovakia is not that big as in other countries like Great Britain or Germany. People prefer tabloids because they are easily readable and when they need serious news, they can watch it on the evening TV news programmes. Also on-line newspapers become more and more popular, which causes decrease in buying printed papers.

List of daily newspapers in Slovakia and their web pages:

  1. Novy cas (New time)
  2. Sme (We are)
  3. Plus jeden den (Plus one day)
  4. Pravda (The truth)
  5. Šport (Sport)
  6. Hospodárske noviny (Economical news)
  7. Új szó (New word)

*all the statistics are taken from portal and contain the number of regular readers in August 2009

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